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thunder in the valley  June 27, 2019

since the last race was a hit here we go again. this race does count towards season points for rc pro warbird series. sure to be great fun with lots of great racing so dont delay register today. see you there

brent smith

Race Results  April 17, 2019

After the 1st SAM series race we now have race results and series results up and running.

Ben McBride

Day one  April 07, 2019

It would seem that the 1st day of using the new matrix and scoring tool has been a success.

Ben McBride

Site Updates  February 28, 2019

Updated the user login so that it is no longer case sensitive. Also, the race control system is now ready for testing. The system will check pilots in, set lanes if needed, create the matrix, score the heats and show the results. Once testing is completed, we will show everyone the new features.

Ben McBride

Phone Number Fixed  February 03, 2019

We found that when new pilots register for the site the phone number field failed to allow the registration. This is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ben McBride

Site Updates  January 27, 2019

The registration system is now completed. Please feel free to register for the Tucson race. John, the CD, will be looking a for his list of pilots. Also, the world points will be calculated and stored on this site. Currently I am working on the matrixing and scoring system. I hope to have it completed in time for the Tucson race.

Ben McBride

Site Updates  January 03, 2019

registered pilots can now register for events. They also can remove or cancel their registration via there pilot profile. Also CD can remove registration as well from the event detail page.

Ben McBride

Site Updates  December 15, 2018

I have updated the Site.
Now you can update your pilot information once you login.
Also have created the events database and started to create the enter-face.
If you are a CD for one of the events lists please feel free to edit the event with more details.
Next I will create the registration process.

Ben McBride

RCPRO warbird race Speedworld Flyers 12-01-2018  November 29, 2018

Warbird race at Speedworld RC Flyers Park, Saturday December 1, 2018 Open to all AMA pilots Public welcome

Terry Yates

Completed the Login System  November 26, 2018

Just completed the login system and updated the news system. Now when you login it will understand that you are a CD or a Pilot. CD will have control of the databases.

Ben McBride

Pilot System up and Running!  November 21, 2018

The pilot database is now working. You add pilots and airplane information. Next I will create a login system for each pilot. The CDs will then have control over all the databases and the pilots and control only there own profile. Soon I will and events with a register system.


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